XP Deus II Is Coming: What You Should Expect?

XP Deus II Is Coming: What You Should Expect?

XP Metal Detectors have hinted that a new detector will be released, supposedly by the end of 2021 – a nice Christmas and New Year gift for all the Deus fans, and all the community in general!

UPD (November, 2):

XP Deus II Metal Detetcor

Deus Control Box

XP Metal Detectors has released a more detailed presentation of the new XP Deus II, and this metal detector definitely rocks. It has the following jaw dropping features (among others):

  • FMF (Fast Multi Frequency) technology
  • choosing the FMF or one of the 49 single frequencies from 4 to 45 kHz
  • 65 feet / 20 meters waterproof
  • bone conduction headphones (insane!)
  • shockproof remote control
  • improved audio options

XP Metal Detectors’ promotion video is also impressive, check it out below. If everything goes well, this metal detector will be a new breakthrough.

The previous Deus machine has been a leader that had no competitors, literally. Many users still say they love their first Deus and still use it with success, even though they’ve been keeping the machine for 7, 8, 9 years! However, good things come to those who wait, and perhaps we can eXPect something outstanding, again!

So, What to Expect?

From the teaser video, we see an upgraded design, probably it will have those red elements like the XP Mi-4 and Mi-6 pinpointers. The shaft structure is more likely the same, because ergonomically, Deus’ light and convenient shaft was one of its main advantages.

What can be suggested about the new Deus II by now:

  • FMF multifrequency machine
  • most likely – waterproof control box, making the machine waterproof for up to 10 feet 65 feet
  • wireless XP Deus headphones may will be compatible with the new Deus II
  • wireless search coils will not be compatible with the new Deus II
  • wireless pinpointers XP Mi-4 and Mi-6 will be compatible with both machines

We’ll see how it goes, though, because we lack more information about the upcoming release. However, what we know for sure is that XP delivers great metal detectors.

XP Deus II Shaft

XP Deus II Shaft 2

XP Deus II Coil

XP Deus II Box

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