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  • Warranty 5 years
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    If you are a passionate treasure hunter, you definitely need the right metal detecting machine that will make your life easier. It has to meet all the requirements and also your personal preferences. When looking for the best metal detecting equipment you can consider Fisher F4 metal detector.

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    Michael Moore
    • Fisher F4 is a lightweight metal detector that can be used at different places from seashore or mountainous location to your own backyard;
    • Being intuitively comprehensive in terms of design, it is easy to set and use. Treasure hunting is easier and more productive with it due to the user’s ability to pay attention only to potentially worthy targets;
    • Another great advantage, especially for newbies, is the price;
    • According to feedback from some buyers, there are certain drawbacks about this item, and the most frequent concern is missing parts in the kit. Besides this very weird issue, which may depend on different sellers, this machine has nothing else that prevents it from being called a near to perfect metal detector.
    • Technology: VLF Single Frequency
    • Frequencies: 1
    • Search Coil: 11"
    • Waterproof: Coil only
    • VDI (Target ID): Yes
    • Search Modes: 2
    • Ground Balance: Fixed
    • Pinpoint Mode: Yes
    • Audio Tones: 4
    • Batteries: 2 9V PP3
    • Weight:2.65 lb
    • Warranty: 2 years

    Fisher F4 Ket Features

    VLF Technology

    Generates an electromagnetic field that applies a continuous sinusoidal wave to the ground combed by the detector.

    DD Coil

    Universal shape of the coil allowing to spot targets on mineralized, trashy, or complicated locations.


    Irreplaceable feature that helps the treasure hunter to identify exactly where the target is located in the dirt.

    Fisher F4 is the tool you should try out before you decide to purchase it. The instrument is very simple to use, and that’s the reason why it enjoys such popularity. The hobby of detecting becomes more meaningful and satisfying when you get the equipment which does all things you want it to. In this Fisher F4 metal detector review discover whether it is a good option to purchase for your treasure hunting goals.

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    Fisher F4


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