White’s MX Sport Review

Very Good
Metal Detector
  • Country USA
  • Released 2016
  • Warranty 2 years
  • Additional
  • Headphones included

Best for

  • Coins
  • Relics
  • Beach
  • Underwater

Whites MX Sport metal detector is an extraordinary high quality and reliable tool for experts in treasure hunting. It was presented on the market in 2016, and until today, it is one of the best professional metal detectors. Whites MX Sport is unlikely to be bought by newbie seekers, mainly because of its high price and a number of complicated settings which only experts tend to use. Most Whites MX Sport reviews claim this equipment is definitely not for beginners. Check out this detailed Whites MX Sport review to find out more information about the machine.

Despite the fact that the metal detector is generally almost 3 years old, it is still in demand due to its unique combination of quality, unusual design, and additional functions. Not all metal detectors are created equal, and this one definitely stands out among the rest.

Rating Explanations
All Purpose
Key Features
Easy to Use
Reviewed by
Michael Moore
  • IP68 Waterproof Rank;
  • Weight;
  • Recovery Speed;
  • Universal Frequency 13.8 kHz;
  • VCO function;
  • SAT function;
  • 20 audio tones;
  • Definitely not for beginners;
  • The brand has shut down;
  • Technology: VLF Single Frequency
  • Number of frequencies: 1
  • Frequencies: 13.8 kHz
  • Search Coil: 10"
  • Search Coil Type: DD
  • Waterproof: Up to 10 feet (IP68)
  • Updatable Software: No
  • VDI (Target ID): Yes
  • Search Modes: 7
  • Search Mode Types: 7 Factory Programs
  • Ground Balance: Automatic / Manual
  • Pinpoint Mode: Yes
  • Audio Tones: Multi-tone
  • Batteries: 8 AA batteries required
  • Length (min-max): 41"-50"
  • Weight:3.97 lb
  • Warranty: 2 years

White's MX Sport Key Features

VLF Technology

Creates a constant sinusoidal search wave applied to the ground, by generating a specific electromagnetic field.

DD Coil

As for today, one of the most effective shapes a search coil can have, maximizing productivity, and minimizing the impact of mineralization in the soil.

Auto & Manual Ground Balance

Auto is good for standard locations, while manual settings can be useful for unique locations or untypical level of mineralization

Salt Track

Allows to monitor the levels of salt concentration, and adjust the settings to support adequate sensitivity of the metal detector.


Up to 10 feet meaning the user can dive in shallow waters near the coast to spot targets unavailable to others.

White’s MX Sport Overview

This metal detector is designed as a universal tool for usual, deep-water, and underwater metal detecting; the maximum depth is 3 meters / 9-10 feet. The frequency used is 13,8 khz, and the tool used 20 tones for sound identification. The manufacturer, White’s Electronics, has basically updated its previous model of the metal detector, improving it and adding new features.

New And Interesting Features

The new features include smaller weight of the tool, which is crucial in long-term searches. Also, the machine is now totally waterproof, including the coil, the power block, and the plug connections.

The second important new feature to discuss is the high discrimination speed, which results is faster identification of targets on small distances. If you are searching in places where lots of junk is present, this feature will save your time and efforts. The tool performs quickly overall, due to powerful processor.

The next benefit is wider range of sound identification, which offers options of 1, 2, 4, , and 20 tones regimes for target identification. This variety allows to differentiate the potential targets according to the metal they are made from, which is a godsend feature on littered locations.

And the last but not the least, the new SAT function enables the machine to automatically regulate the signals depending on the type of soil. SAT keeps the sound and tone on the same level, to prevent misinterpretation of signal change as target if the signal change was caused by the type of soil.

Whites MX Sport

Search Modes

MX Sport’s search modes, when combined with search tones and other settings, provide the user with enhanced variations for usage of the tool, depending on the conditions of treasure hunting. Overall, it is not that easy to combine all these settings, and even though the machine gives excellent results when set properly, newbies should start with something simpler than that.

All Metal

Handy when you want to spot any potential target.

Coins and Jewelry

The most user-friendly mode especially for coins shooting and jewelry.


Allows to search on black, wet, and salty sand.


Perfect for metals used for ancient jewelry and stuff.


Special search mode for gold nugget prospecting.

Hi Trash

Hi Trash is best for littered soils full of metal junk.

All Features

In addition to all the new functions offered in this enhanced model of metal detector, it is equipped with a bunch of other useful and important settings and options. Due to those it is so expensive, and because of those features it is so valued by professional metal detectorists:

As you see, this metal detector provides an impressive range of options for setting it according to your needs and preferences during each metal detecting session. That is why experts are so in love with it, and newbies can’t make head or tail with it. Using this machine needs experience and skill.

Pros and Cons

The very list of features and options offered by this metal detector shows, generally, all the main benefits of this equipment. The main advantage is that, having this machine at hand, you will be able to work on any terrains, on wet and salty soils, in water and underwater, on littered soils, and your chances of spotting everything your device will be able to spot are super high.

The best thing about setting the tool is, if you have enough skill and experience, you can choose the most correct settings and achieve the most sensitivity and clearness in signal, for each particular terrain, weather, and other conditions.

However, this is also the worst thing about settings if the user lacks experience and skills. So, the disadvantage is that this tool is definitely not for beginners, and is honestly recommended to experts in treasure hunting.

And of course, price is a serious disadvantage; obviously, the tool is worth the money, and yet, not every treasure hunter is ready to invest so much into a hobby, even if it is profitable and promising.

The Kit

The kit is pretty standard:


To summarize the whole review, it has to be said that Whites MX Sport metal detector is a unique device which stands out among the other metal detectors due to the combination of high quality, a wide range of tools and options, and variations in modes and settings. It is convenient, handy, functional, and promises seamless performance on all kinds of terrain. Whites MX Sport is a top title from a famous and reputable manufacturer, and considering that the model was presented in 2016, experienced treasure hunters have already tested it, and the majority of users is totally fond of this metal detector. So, if you are confident in your treasure hunting skills and have enough experience, you should definitely buy this machine and try it out on complicated locations!


White’s MX Sport Great all purpose detector for different areas


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