Whites Treasure Master Review

Technical Specifications
VLF Single Frequency
Depth Indication:
Number of Frequencies:
Ground Balance:
Automatic Ground Tracking
8.2 kHz
Pinpoint Mode:
Audio Tones:
Search Coil Type:
Display Type:
Length (min-max):
Search Modes:
2 AA batteries required
Search Mode Types:
All Metal / Beach / Coin / Jewelry / Relics
Item Weight:
2.8 lb
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main features
  • Frequency 7.8 kHz;
  • 9.5 inches coil;
  • 5 Search modes + Pinpoint;
  • Automatic ground balance;
  • Powered by two batteries of AA type;
pros & cons
  • Smart Discrimination;
  • Easy to Use;
  • Additional Search Coils;
  • Not waterproof;
  • Technical Specifications

  • Main Features

  • Usability

  • Quality

  • Price


best for

  • coins
  • relics
  • beginners
overall rating7/10

Whites Treasure Master is a high quality and reliable metal detector created with needs of the newbie metal detectorists in mind. Whites Treasure Master metal detector is efficient and productive, it will bring finds, but at the same time, it is easy to use and provides a nice and seamless performance.

It is especially hard for most beginner detectorists to choose a machine for themselves. Opting for a device by a well-known and established brand like Whites is one of the best strategies to follow. Old brands know exactly what their customers want, and have enough experience to foresee and solve the problems most beginners face. To find out more about one of the best metal detector for beginners, check out our Whites Treasure master review below.

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Whites Treasure Master Overview

Treasure Master by the Whites company is an affordable and decent metal detecting machine made mostly for the beginner treasure hunters. This is an All-Purpose device that can be used equally well for coins, jewelry, relics, and whatever else buried or lost. It is weatherproof meaning good performance on land, on the beach and also in shallow water, since the coil is fully waterproof.

One of the best features is excellent discrimination that is especially valued by the beginner detectorists. High quality discrimination allows to filter and ignore signals received by the coil from worthless metallic items, and the newbie won’t waste their time digging out trash. Another nice feature is large and clear LCD display showing the data of search and potential finds in real time. Together with discrimination, this is a safeguard from silly digging and time wasting.

Treasure Master has been engineered specifically to solve the noob problems, so check it out if you want smart detecting and valuable finds.


Here are the features offered in Treasure Master by the Whites brand:

  • operating frequency is 7.8 kHz
  • the length of the shaft is adjustable, from 46 to 51 inches
  • audio output includes speaker and headphones
  • the device is powered by two batteries of AA type
  • the promised battery life is up to 20 hours which is rather decent
  • standard coil in the kit is waterproof concentric 9.5 inches coil
  • there are additional optional coils compatible with the device (which makes it really versatile and the user can enhance their experience)
  • five search modes
  • four audio tones
  • eight target ID segments for better targeting
  • the armrest is also adjustable
  • automatic ground balance
  • pinpoint mode is included (which is really cool, because the customer does not need to purchase pinpointer separately)
  • volume is adjustable
  • the machine is rather lightweight, only 2.8 lbs
  • the manufacturer gives 2 years of warranty
  • the device is weather resistant while the coil is waterproof
  • the ground balance feature is able to adapt to the ground conditions, tweaking the depth and sensitivity for maximum productivity
  • all-metal operation
  • five presets

It becomes pretty clear that for a noob-friendly metal detector that is also very affordable, this product has an impressive set of features that would do credit to a more professional machine. One of the best features is additional compatible coils available as an option, allowing the user to make their machine more versatile and enhance their experience without investing into a new metal detector right away.

Search Modes

There are five search modes available plus the pinpoint mode for more accurate location of the potentially valuable items. The search modes in this machine include:

  • All-metal – spotting all types of metallic objects, useful on clean locations without trash
  • Beach – for wet sand and shallow water search
  • Coin – the device promises accurate spotting of even small coins
  • Jewelry – efficient mode for finding both older jewelry and also modern lost items
  • Relics – best mode for ancient objects and treasures

These five modes plus pinpoint are all a newbie detectorist needs; nothing super fancy and nothing very complicated, just good old modes for all kinds of potential finds and locations.

Pros And Cons

White’s Treasure Master

Treasure Master seems to be a very advantageous device for beginner treasure hunters. However, to assess it more objectively, let’s look at its real pros and cons. The undeniable pros include:

  • affordability
  • versatility due to additional compatible coils
  • 2 years warranty
  • lightweight
  • adjustable length and armrest
  • 5 search modes plus pinpoint regime in one machine
  • smart discrimination
  • big clear LCD display
  • only two batteries needed for power
  • decent 20 hours of battery life
  • waterproof coil for shallow water search

Now check out the cons:

  • not waterproof, not even IP68 indication
  • the standard coil frequency is too pretty low, may be too low for golden jewelry
  • the discrimination is unlikely to filter fake signals from salty water, so it is not clear how well the tool will perform in shallow water in reality
  • no GPS

While most more experienced detectorists would state that not waterproof machine with one frequency is not the best option for beach and shallow water search, Treasure Master is still a very good choice for beginners.

The Kit

The kit for Treasure Master by Whites includes:

  • metal detector
  • Pro Series Composite Trowel
  • Pro Treasure gloves
  • TheRingFinders.com 1 year 1 location membership
  • Treasure headphones
  • Plus there are about 25 compatible accessories available.


Treasure Master by the Whites company is a simple to use, but efficient metal detector literally packed with all things necessary for a powerful stuff even if you are a complete newbie. There is no fancy nonsense increasing the cost of the product, only smart and convenient features reasonable in the majority of cases. With Treasure Master, even a beginner detectorist will be able to quickly adapt to any location and spot some cool finds.

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