How to Install Nokta-Makro Simplex Firmware Update – Step by Step Guide

How to Install Nokta-Makro Simplex Firmware Update – Step by Step Guide

Just in case you want the software update to be simplified, we have created this detailed and comprehensive guide. The update is super easy, so don’t sweat.

The latest firmware version for Simplex is 2.76

The one issue about the update is that only Windows users can do that, at least for now. If you use Mac OS, unfortunately the software update is not yet available for it.

Follow these steps:

1. Follow the link to the official website

simplex update 1

2. Click Software Update in the menu on the left

3. Download the most recent zip file to your PC

4. On your PC, extract the files from the archive

simplex update 2

5. Run the “setup” file

simplex update 3

6. Install the program onto your PC

7. Open the program and select your detector model from the tabs

simplex update 4

8. Download the BIN file from the archive to the program window

simplex update 5

9. Connect the metal detector to your PC via the relevant cable

10. The metal detector will start to charge, meanwhile, the program will show you Detect Device button

11. The program will detect the device and ask your permission to update it. Click OK

simplex update 6

12. You will see update progress in percent

13. After the update was successfully completed, the software update tool will notify you about that. Click OK

simplex update 7

14. Will exit the tool automatically

Congrats! Your Simplex+ has been updated!

Official Video Guide by Nokta Makro

More about Nokta Makro Simplex metal detector here

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