Metal Detector Rental – Use Cases

Metal Detector Rental – Use Cases

There are so many services available today, to meet all kinds of needs, even seemingly the most unusual ones. In fact, if you believe some services do not exist yet, perhaps you just haven’t looked for such well enough. For example, if you believe you cannot rent a metal detector to find your golden ring dropped somewhere in shallow waters on the beach – well, in fact you can. Okay, maybe not all cities already have such service, but the service does exist. And metal detectors can be really useful in certain situations. This post explains why you would need a metal detector rental, what items can be found with a metal detector, and where to order a machine for rent.

Why Rent a Metal Detector

In some situations, people tend to believe they can do their tasks alone, by hand, or using items they’ve got in the house. However, we kinda live in the 21st century, and there are many start things invented by people for other people’s convenience. So, check out some situations described below; if you have ever found yourself in any of them, perhaps next time, you will prefer to rent metal detector to solve your problem!

To Give a Try to the Hobby Before Buying Your Own Detector

Metal detecting as a hobby has been gaining more and more popularity in recent years. More and more people enter the hobby, the manufacturers make improved and more efficient machines, and the global treasure hunting community grows.

However, many beginner wannabe treasure hunters find it difficult to choose their first metal detector, or they even find it difficult to give the hobby a try on the field, before they actually start investing money into it. Some beginners are lucky and have a local club in their place, or at least a friend who can lend one of their machines for a test drive. But those newbies who are not so lucky have to try and buy their first metal detector without trying… or, they can rent it first.

To try out a rented metal detector, the newbie can either go with it right into the wild (like, to a field or a forest), and generally look what they can find there. Or they can bury some metal items in their garden, and go out checking them with the rented metal detector. Both options are fine.

For those who wants to test drive the device in the wild, here is the list of items you can find:

  • all kinds of coins
  • relics
  • old jewelry
  • modern jewelry
  • war relics
  • smartphones and other electronics
  • and of course all kinds of metal items (mostly trash, but sometimes, curious things happen)

To Find Lost Personal Belongings and Other Items

One of the most popular requests by people who do not dream of becoming treasure hunters is to find lost personal belongings in public places before someone else does, or to find other metal items. There are many cases when people would benefit from using a rented metal detector, instead of searching on their own.

If you have lost your jewelry or smartphone on the beach, in the park, or anywhere else, instead of crawling around, it makes more sense to order a metal detector for rent and find the item quickly and effectively.

Other situations besides lost jewelry that can be easier to manage with a rented metal detector rather that without it include:

  • lost keys – keys are among the most typical things people drop in the grass, in public places, or in industrial areas. Lucky you if you manage to find your keys quickly, but what if not, and it is getting late/dark already? Ordering a metal detector would solve the problem.
  • glasses – for some people, losing their glasses is as problematic as losing their keys, and replacing glasses can be really expensive.
  • hearing aids – another item that is easy to drop and lose, hard to find, complicated and expensive to replace. Moreover, leaving it for long in sand, or in wet grass while you try to find it on your own can result in the electronics being damaged, or you can damage the hearing aids by stepping on it. Better ask for metal detector rent.
  • nails, screws, small construction trash – if you discover that contractors have left nails, screws, and small trash after construction all over the place, better order metal detector rental at once. Firstly, you can spend tons of time looking for these small objects on your own, and continue finding them months later; secondly, you can get hurt when looking for them manually under the furniture and in tight places. Construction trash can be dangerous, even if it is small.
  • skis, snowboards, and accessories – if you lost your stuff in the snow, finding it can be really problematic even with professional equipment; moreover, if your ski or snowboard slipped forward and buries itself deep in snow, looking for it on your own, especially with no one around, is dangerous. In some situations, you actually can’t even move further and get down from the mountain without your equipment. So, order a metal detecting expert, or request help from rescue service.
  • buried treasure, coins, or jewelry – if you know, or suspect, that you’ve got family treasure or jewelry buried or hidden somewhere around the house, or on your lands, finding it without equipment will be close to impossible. In this case, renting a metal detecting machine is a simple solution.
  • if you move to a new house or apartment, you can order a metal detector for rent, or an expert with a metal detector, to check the apartment/the house, and the lands around it. You can find dangerous trash, valuable items, or you will find out where not to dig holes for your flowers due to plumbing location.

For Parties and Entertainment Quests

Sometimes, renting a metal detector is a good idea for various parties, quests, and similar entertainment. If your guests or friends are really pampered, and you believe it is hard to surprise them, try burying some stuff in your backyard, and offer your friends a competition on finding the most valuable item.

Different quest rooms also rent metal detectors from time to time, to meet the needs of their quests. So, metal detecting can be fun.

Where to Rent a Metal Detector?

Many public places and locations, like national parks, public parks, beaches, etc., have their own metal detectors, or they can contact the corresponding service to help you find your personal belongings lost in their area.

If you need to order rent on your own, you can look for a local official dealer of branded metal detectors. Most cities have representatives of the biggest brands of metal detector manufacturers, and they can offer you rental service, or at least they may be aware where such service is available.

Other options include big online platforms, like Kellyco Detectors or Serious Detecting. Such platforms usually have metal detectors available for rent, with convenient and affordable rent packages for various purposes, from 24 hours rent to weekend rent, and so on. In some cases, an expert detectorist who delivers you the machine can actually help you find what you want. For many people who really have zero idea how the thing works, this may be the most convenient option.

If you feel like you are likely to need a metal detector for rent at some point of your life, for example, if you plan to move to a new house, etc., it makes sense to find out more about your local metal detecting dealers beforehand.

What Popular Metal Detectors are Available for Rent?

Rental services want you to find the item you are looking for, and order from them again if you need, and recommend them to all your friends when you tell an exciting story about finding ancient silver jewelry in your garden. This is why most rentals have really up-to-date and powerful detectors for use. Most probably, you will be able to choose from beginner level machine to expert level machine, for ground search or for underwater search, and so on. The service staff will help you with the choice. Also, unless you order from a dealer who only works with one brand, machines by several brands will be available – for example, Garrett AT Max, Nokta Makro Simplex+, Minelab Equinox 800, and so on, plus various accessories like Pinpointer, also by several brands.

How To Use a Metal Detector

Using a metal detector is seemingly simple, but in fact, one should know what features and functions to use, what coils to choose, how to swing the coil, and how to dig the item out if it is deep underground. You can learn more about how to use the detector if you want to do the search yourself, or you can ask the rental service staff about that. In some cases, it is better to ask the expert to do the search.

How Deep Do Metal Detectors Go?

Only powerful industrial metal detectors can reach deeper than 18-20 inches. Most hobby metal detectors, even professional-level devices for experienced users, reach the depth of 18 inches maximum, under perfect conditions. In the majority of cases, and in the majority of locations, a metal detector goes as deep as 5-8 inches.

Find more information about using a metal detector in our book “Time to Detect: The Ultimate Metal Detecting Guide for Beginners“.

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