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Metal Detecting For Beginners: 101 Things I Wish I’d Known When I Started

Want to learn more about metal detectors treasure hunting? Many hobbyists purchase thousands of metal detectors every year and go on the prowl in the beaches, historical sites, archaeological ruins and old beaches so as to satisfy their curiosity and also monetize their hobby.

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Metal Detecting For Beginners: 101 Things I Wish I?d Known When I Started (QuickStart Guides) (Volume 1)
Metal Detecting For Beginners: 101 Things I Wish I?d Known When I Started (QuickStart Guides) (Volume 1)

Treasure hunting is growing into something of a subculture amongst certain committed hobbyists but it also has some additional benefits. For example, it leads to a more active lifestyle, and also provides a good learning process of the past history of places and sites. The detectorists are scholars in their own right with a deep understanding of maps, terrains and the past events and history of places where they are prospecting for relics. For some categories of detectorists, this is simply means by which to satisfy their curiosity, meet new people with shared interests and develop friendships. The hobby is becoming more fun and rewarding as companies develop more effective metal detectors that are available at a low cost.

The Basics

Before you begin your metal detector treasure hunting, there is a host of factors that you must put into consideration. For example, it is very important to carry out detailed research on the best sites for metal detective work. There is a large body of literature on this that you can use to familiarize yourself with the subject.

Then there is the question of the choice of the detector. There is a great variety in the market each of which has various capabilities. Some of the most popular brands include Garrett and Bounty Hunter detectors although there are many others that you can choose to meet your precise needs. Ensure that you clearly understand your desired features that you will need for your metal detectors treasure hunting. These can include sensitivity, discriminative capabilities, depth, controls, LCD display capabilities and many others. Taking these into consideration will help you in choosing the best detectors that deliver solid performance in your detective work. Accessories can extend or improve the use for your metal detectors. Some also improve the ease of use and the performance of the detector.

Where to Prospect

There are numerous locations where you can carry out your metal detector treasure hunting with a considerable degree of success. These can range from the popular beaches, to old mines, river beds, old archaeological and historical sites. In some of these sites, you will be required to obtain a permit from the relevant authorities. Purchase the relevant books to expand your knowledge of this popular subculture which is both exciting and very rewarding.

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