Minelab Go-Find 11 – New Cheap Metal Detector 2019

Minelab Go-Find 11 – New Cheap Metal Detector 2019

This is the most cheap metal detector! Minelab announced the official release of its new low-cost metal detector at CES 2019! This is the new update of Go-Find Series detectors Minelab Go-Find 11 (metal detector for kids?).

Go-Find 11 weight is only 2.2 pounds, and that’s great, really. But interesting what technical specifications will this metal detector demonstrate?

For example, Minelab Go-Find 22 is not actually impressive, even for beginners. What Go-Find 11 can offer us, then? Currently, there are more questions than answers.

The starting price of the metal detector will be only $99 USD. Will it be a disposable metal detector? Time will tell.

Garrett metal detectors also are on CES 2019 but with old metal detectors. However, this is not surprising. Garrett Metal Detectors has not released anything interesting for a long time.

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