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New Smart Metal Detector Nokta Invenio!

New Smart Metal Detector Nokta Invenio

Turkish manufacturer Nokta presents new smart metal detector Nokta Invenio!

For the first time, we mentioned it a few months ago: Nokta Amfibio and Nokta Invenio: New Metal Detectors 2018, now it’s reality.

Nokta Invenio this is something really new in metal detecting. We can say that it will be the new era in metal detecting! Can you imagine how many amazing finds you can find with this metal detector? Most likely now the price of this metal detector will be very high, but in the future, it is possible that these technologies will become more affordable for regular detectorists. We all know about the ability of the Chinese (joking!). No matter how the feature is coming!

On the Nokta official website, the MSRP is Std $9900 – Pro $11900.

Nokta Invenio Metal Detctor 1

Nokta Invenio Features

  • Opportunity to discover deeper targets
  • Opportunity to know what type of target is in the ground
  • Accurate indicators of the real depths and
  • The shapes of the targets
  • Determination of targets sizes
  • To detect ground anomalies/cavities

The best is yet to come!

Nokta Invenio Features

Nokta Invenio Pictures

Here you can visually see how a new metal detector works. Very interesting type of discrimination of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metals. With such discrimination, in 5-10 years all the finds will be dug up…

Nokta Invenio Metal Detctor 2

Nokta Invenio Metal Detctor 3

Nokta Invenio Metal Detctor 4

Nokta Invenio Metal Detctor 5

Nokta Invenio Metal Detctor 6

Nokta Invenio Metal Detctor 7

Nokta Invenio Metal Detctor 8

Nokta Invenio Videos

To the last, a few cool videos about Nokta Invenio settings and features.

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    • Jim McGregor on 01.08.2018 at 19:37
    • Reply

    Wow! It’s incredible!

      • Rick on 01.08.2018 at 19:46
      • Reply

      That’s for sure… but it so expensive…

      1. I really hope that these technologies will become more accessible in the near future.

    • Mike Murley on 01.08.2018 at 20:13
    • Reply

    I could have expected this from Garrett, Minelab or XP, but certainly not from Nokta! This is an amazing metal detector!

    1. While the “giants” are sleeping, new manufacturers are doing everything to surpass them! The same Turkish manufacturer Makro has made Makro Multi Kruzer, one of the best metal detectors this year.

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