XP Deus V5 Update Now Available

XP Deus V5 Update Now Available

The long-awaited new XP Deus V5 Update is available for free!

The software is available for installation on all XP Deus metal detectors, but the manufacturer claims that you will fully experience the benefits of the new update only with new coils.

XP Deus V5 Coils

Also, WS4/WS5 headphones will are equipped with new features:

XP Deus V5

The free V5 update is available on XP Metal Detectors official website www.xpmetaldetectors.com.

Since September 2018, all XP Deus on sale will be sold only with new X35 coils.

More information about new features can be found here:

Click on the image to zoom or click here to download the PDF file.

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Click here to download new XP Deus V5 Manual.

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