NEW XP Deus V5 Software Update + 3 NEW Coils X35

NEW XP Deus V5 Software Update + 3 NEW Coils X35

XP Metal Detectors company had released a new FREE software for one of the best metal detectors XP Deus and 3 new coils – XP 22.5 x35, XP 28 x35, XP 34 x35 – with the extended range of operating frequencies!

The update is available for all metal detector owners. Many people are mistaken when they think that the LCD Remote Control Display is the most important thing in XP Deus. The metal detector’s “brains” are in the coils! The Remote Control Display is only for settings.

Free XP Deus V5 Update available for download!

New WS4/WS5 Features

  • Reactivity
  • TX Power
  • Automatic Ground Tracking
  • Frequency offset (35 frequencies with the new X35)
  • Iron volume
  • Audio Response

XP Deus 5.0 Software is free for all users, but if you want to get all new features you must buy one of the new X35 coils.

XP Deus 1

XP Deus ✅ Perfect wireless detector for coins and relics

New Coils Features

First of all, the new coils are enhanced to work with different frequencies. Operating frequency range reaches from 3.7 kHz to 27.7 kHz. The setting is made by offset, 35 available frequencies grouped around 5 main frequencies. Each frequency can be shifted by 7 steps (35 in total). The speed of response in the XP Deus v5 with new coils is increased by 10% -40%.

XP Deus V5 2018

New XP Deus X35 coils have new “boot” mode at 3.7-4.4 kHz frequencies.

Coils should become available for buying already this month.

Since September 2018, all XP Deus for sale will all be equipped with these coils.

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