Garrett ACE Apex 1.28 Software Update

Garrett ACE Apex 1.28 Software Update

Garrett Metal Detectors has issued an update for Garrett ACE Apex. This is huge news, mostly because there has never been any information whatsoever about the mere possibility of updates for Apex. So, good news detectorists, but only for Windows users (alas!)

ACE Apex update is now available on the Garrett website. The main improvements it brings: 

  • better stability in performance
  • faster and more accurate Saltwater ground balance feature
  • more efficient pinpointing function
  • improved cleaner and more distinctive iron audio tones
  • LCD turns the backlight on automatically when you make Menu changes

To install the update for your ACE Apex, you need a PC with Windows 7 or more recent OS. Older versions of Windows, and also Apple devices currently do not support this update for Apex (probably we will see that for the future updates?). Follow the steps in this guide, and viola, you can now enjoy updated software for Apex!

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