Broken Vanquish Metal Detectors: What Vanquish Owners Should Consider

Broken Vanquish Metal Detectors: What Vanquish Owners Should Consider

We always take effort to tell everything we know about metal detectors, honestly, and in an unbiased manner. So, you should not be surprised that we just could not shuffle the following case under the rug.

Crashed Vanquish 540

Crashed Vanquish 2

Crashed Vanquish 3

As you have noticed, this is Minelab Vanquish 540, and yes, it is broken in two. At the moment, we are trying to contact the person who has made these photos, to find out more about this situation and how it happened (if you read this post, please drop us an email, or comment under the post!)

As suggested, Minelab Vanquish 540 got broken after being transported in the car.

Can This Become A Systemic Issue?

The most important question that arises is whether other Vanquish owners (yes, all Vanquish owners, regardless of the metal detector model of the lineage they own) should be worried about the same thing happening to them?

The answer will make you sad, but the answer is yes, you should.

Some time before the Vanquish lineage was released to the wider public, I discussed the Vanquish models with one of my close acquaintances who is also quite well known in the metal detecting community. We both noticed that vanquish plastic parts looked really cheap and unreliable. Now I can see that, unfortunately, our opinion back then was correct.

Let’s look at the broken part enlarged photo.

Crashed Vanquish 540 zoom

Pay attention how grainy the plastic is, and how many cavities it has. Some cavities are really big. This grittiness is formed when the plastic details are made, and it is the low quality of the material, and low quality of the manufacturing processes that lead to grainy plastic. Grainy plastic, in its turn, leads to breakages of such type.

Because of the grainy plastic, it can be fairly suggested that this breakage is not an individual case faulty metal detector, but rather the whole batch is faulty, or even the whole lineage.

Therefore, dear Vanquish metal detector owners, please keep in mind that you should handle your Vanquishes really carefully.

Hmm… We could actually conduct an interesting quality test, if we had another Vanquish 540, and a couple of its direct competitors by other brands! We would immediately find out who among the manufacturers takes quality seriously. But unfortunately, it will be too expensive for us 🙂

If anyone has ever had similar problems with Vanquishes – or any other problems with Vanquishes at all – please comment under this post, or send photos with descriptions to our email.

Happy Hunting!

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