Minelab GEO SENSE-PI – New Metal Detector by Minelab 2021?

Minelab GEO SENSE-PI – New Metal Detector by Minelab 2021?

In July 2020, Minelab, among other things, has registered another unique trademark, and the release of the product is expected to be in 2021 (at least not earlier). The name is GEO SENSE-PI, the class of the product is 9, which includes a broad list of various items. Metal detectorists of the world already rack their brains over what this new item Minelab is to make?

Other Suggestions

According to the formal description of the Class 9, the items eligible include hobby, industrial, military, gold mining metal detectors, mapping and global positioning metal detectors, and electromagnetic metal detecting search coils.

Most detectorists suggest that the item is not a new metal detector, or, at least not a hobby level one, simply because if it was one, the brand would have probably blown the trumpet of it. Most probably, we can expect an industrial or another highly specialized item, or maybe a search coil for one of the existing series of metal detectors by Minelab.

Final Thoughts

The main food for thought brought by this news to all metal detectorists, though, is not whether to expect a new metal detector or coil. The main question is will this really be a new item, or the company will take a few previously made technologies, redesign one of the previous items, paint it new color, and call it a day?

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