Whites Treasure Pro Review

Technical Specifications
VLF Single Frequency
Depth Indication:
Number of Frequencies:
Ground Balance:
Automatic Ground Tracking
8.2 kHz
Pinpoint Mode:
Audio Tones:
Search Coil Type:
Display Type:
Length (min-max):
Search Modes:
2 AA batteries required
Search Mode Types:
All Metal / Beach / Coin / Jewelry / Relics
Item Weight:
2.8 lb
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main features
  • Frequency 8.2 kHz;
  • 10 inches DD coil;
  • 5 Search modes + Pinpoint;
  • 16 Segments of discrimination;
  • 8 Audio tones;
  • Automatic Ground Balance with Auto Trac;
pros & cons
  • Smart Discrimination;
  • Easy to Use;
  • Waterproof DD Coil;
  • Automatic Ground Balance;
  • Not waterproof;
  • Technical Specifications

  • Main Features

  • Usability

  • Quality

  • Price


best for

  • coins
  • relics
  • beginners
overall rating8/10

If one wants a good quality, reliable metal detecting machine for sound money and by a well-known and respectable brand, Whites Treasure Pro metal detector is exactly what one needs. It is of very decent quality, rather reliable, very easy to use, and brings a healthy amount of finds on all types of locations. Whites Treasure Pro is the turn-on-and-go type that does not make the user rack their brains over a bunch of complicated settings.

If to assess the device carefully, it becomes clear that the majority of its features can be compared to other pretty expert-level metal detectors in the niche. However, you don’t need to sell your kidney to buy this one, and also the learning curve is not that steep due to smart and adequate settings. To find out more about the specifications, read our Whites Treasure Pro review below.

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Whites Treasure Pro Overview

Whites Treasure Pro machine is the best for beginner detectorists and intermediate level treasure hunters. The most outstanding feature of this device is that it is very simple to use, and does not include much fancy stuff, yet it gives you the edge in challenging situations due to certain pretty high-end specifications. So it contains the combination of simplicity and outstanding user experience. This is the reason why the tool is good for both beginner and more experienced treasure hunters: beginners will find it easy to learn and operate, while more experienced seekers will be able to improve their search without investing into more expensive devices.

According to most users’ comments, the machine is easy to assemble and carry. It is lightweight and balanced enough to manipulate only with one hand. It is also a well-known fact that Treasure Pro is a more enhanced model than Whites Treasure Master, and it can be viewed as a decent upgrade if the user wants a more advanced detector by Whites Metal Detectors. Another cool feature that makes Treasure Pro even more upgradable is a ridiculous amount of compatible coils that enable the user to take advantage of more frequencies and other specs without paying for a whole new device.


One of the coolest feature that the Whites brand underlines in every possible way is the Automatic Ground Balance which perfectly adapts to the type of soil, level of mineralization, and adjusts depth and sensitivity of the reach for better efficiency. This one feature already makes Treasure Pro stand out among metal detectors of the same level in the niche.

Other features and specifications include:

  • operating frequency is 8.2 kHz
  • DD waterproof coil 10 inches in diameter
  • 16 segments of discrimination
  • 5 search modes – Coin, Jewelry, Beach, High Trash, All Metal
  • 8 audio tones
  • 8 Target ID segments
  • Automatic Ground Balance with Auto Trac
  • adjustable discrimination
  • adjustable threshold volume
  • adjustable signal volume
  • clear and comprehensive color LCD display
  • audio threshold
  • pinpoint mode included
  • weatherproof shaft and control box
  • weight about 3 lbs
  • adjustable armrest
  • adjustable shaft length from 46 to 51 inches
  • powered by two batteries of AA type
  • flashlight is built-in
  • 2 years warranty

If to compare this model with its younger brother, Whites Treasure Master, there are certain differences between the products:

  • Treasure Pro has higher frequency
  • the standard coil is a bit bigger
  • DD coil type against Concentric
  • twice as much audio tones
  • Treasure Pro is a bit heavier
  • more features are present that allow to make the search customized and more accurate
  • there is a built-in flashlight

Both models have the Automatic Ground Balance technology and high-end discrimination. So, the key tech specs are generally the same, but the Treasure Pro model is more adjustable according to the user’s needs and preferences, yet still keeps the controls, tuning, and operation simple and comprehensive.

Search Modes

Treasure Pro by the Whites brand is equipped with five search modes (besides Pinpoint):

  • Coin – general purpose mode, features rejection of items containing ferrous metals, spots valuable metals and small objects
  • Jewelry – similar to the Coin mode, more sensitive to the size of the objects
  • Beach – the manufacturer claims that the quality of discrimination in this metal detector is enough to filter the fake signal caused by salt water. It means that the machine works fine on wet sand and in shallow waters. However, the White’s brand states that highly mineralized or fertilized wet soils also do not pose any complications for this device, and the treasure hunter can comb these locations as well.
  • High Trash – created specifically for heavily littered areas, applying strong discrimination and adjusted sensitivity for potentially valuable objects
  • All Metal – general search regime that spots all metallic objects. Should better be used on locations with small percent of trash.

Despite the fact there are only five modes, they seem to equip the user with all necessary instruments for the majority of locations and different types of finds.

Pros And Cons

White’s Treasure PRO

For fair and adequate assessment of Treasure Pro metal detector by the Whites company, take into account its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are:

  • Automatic Ground Balance technology
  • waterproof DD coil
  • turn-on-and-go approach
  • most tuning is adjustable
  • pinpoint included
  • flashlight included
  • adjustable length of the shaft and adjustable armrest
  • well-balanced design, can be operated with one hand
  • only 2 AA batteries are needed for power
  • decent sensitivity
  • a ridiculous number of compatible coils is available for additional purchase, making it super versatile
  • noob-friendly operation
  • 2 years warranty

The disadvantages are:

  • not waterproof (only coil)
  • definitely poor factory kit
  • only one frequency and it is pretty low
  • the device is comparatively heavy
  • the device is comparatively pricey

The truth is, this product stands on a thin line of balance between the amount and quality of features, and the level of operational complexity. So while it may seem a bit more expensive to someone, remember that noob-friendly user experience is one of the main benefits.

The Kit

The factory kit for the Whites Treasure Pro machine meets the definition “read it and weep”:

  • metal detector
  • DD 10 inches round search coil
  • and this is it (lol sob)

However, most retailer websites offer a bunch of free items as gifts, so you can take advantage of this.


For those who would like to enhance their experience after using Treasure Master, and for those metal detectorists whose experience generally ranges from beginner to intermediate, Treasure Pro by Whites is a good choice. This machine is unique in the way it combines simplicity of usage with the most effective specifications and features needed for really productive search. Although it surely has some drawbacks, as everything else in the world, Treasure Pro amazes with being user-friendly and extremely productive at the same time.

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