3 Useful Metal Detecting Tips That You Must Know

3 Useful Metal Detecting Tips That You Must Know

Headphones, Speakers, and Better Ways

If you use headphones to operate your detector, apply a piece of plastic tape over the speaker on the box, to keep the dirt out. It is amazing how much sand and dust particles will find their way into the speaker area, over time, and that is not a good thing. A deposit of dirt in the speaker collects moisture, and will ruin the interior of the speaker fast.

If you get in a bind and have to use the metal detectors speaker, the tape can be easily removed, or even left on, because on many detectors you can still hear a signal fine if the speaker is taped over with light plastic packing tape. This is actually an improvement in design that, to my knowledge, no one in the industry has employed yet.

Super Sensitive Metal Detecting

The All Metal mode on a good detector is usually so sensitive most people do not use it. Most All-Metal detectors can detect a soda can from many feet away. Many detectors in All Metal mode will detect shoelace eyelets and zippers. That means your machine will do that as well, while you are using it. The regime takes some time getting used to, but it is totally worth it.

When combing a well known and supposedly worked out area, where all the trash has been dug as well as the shallow targets, its relatively easy to go into a no-discriminate All-Metal mode and get some deeper things, and lots of times the deeper things are nicest things.

Metal Detecting On Historical Gathering Places

Some of the best places to metal detect are abandoned fairgrounds, and many times the oldest fairgrounds are now inner city parks. These can generally be hunted without a hassle, though the layers which represent the early times are often way too deep.

When some work was done on certain parks in NYC, the layer corresponding to the earliest time periods was sometimes more than four feet deep! Once exposed, this layer was a bonanza for a few lucky people with metal detectors, but you must understand that this is not an isolated event, and more early coinage gets uncovered and reburied every day.

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