Metal Detectors

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Here you can find metal detectors features and technical specifications (click on the icon).

Metal detecting can be split into three main categories:

  • Coin Shooting – hunting out beaches and or parks for valuables including decimal coins, jewellery.
  • Relic hunting – Hunting historical grounds such as old homesteads, cemeteries, +100 year old parks. In search of historical valuables e.g. Gold sovereigns, Silver florins, Pre-decimal coins, Buried treasure.
  • Gold Prospecting – This type of metal detecting is popular in Australia and some areas of the US.

There are 3 main types of detector all of which comprise of 4 basic parts:

  • The search coil which is the lowest part and it transmits and receives the signals into the ground
  • The Control Box for switching on and off and where the search coil signals are relayed back to you these can be audio or visual depending on the detector that you are using
  • The Shaft which connects the control box and search coil
  • The Stabiliser at the top to make it easier to sweep in a balanced fashion

Metal detectors use one of three technologies:

  • BFO (Beat Frequent Oscillation) – This type is the most popular being simple to use and cheaper than the other two types. It has two coils which create pulses resulting in radio waves being bounced into the ground. The control box monitors any changes in the returning pulses. This is the type that is recommended to use and favoured by most users.
  • PI (Pulse Induction) – Uses only a single coil and is recommended in a salt water environment
  • VLF (Very Low Frequency) – This has two coils each with its own function one is a transmitter while the other is a receiver and this detector is best at identifying different types of metals.

Metal Detecting Tips

What sort of metal detector is best for a beginner?

There is no need for beginner prospectors to buy an expensive top-end machine. We advise starting with a simple base model. The main advantage is that these models are easy to operate and easy to learn, as well as being cheaper. Prospectors can upgrade later if they find they want to expand their options.

What type of coils can I get for my machine?

Metal detectors can be fitted with a range of after-market coils. These coils provide more options for prospecting, such as providing the ability to search at greater depth. They can also provide improved sensitivity. We advise first determining what you want your coil to do and then finding the right coil for the job. The right advice is important here.

Why am I getting a false signal?

This can be a simple matter to fix. Often a build-up of dust and dirt will accumulate between the coil protector cover and the coil itself. This will stick to the coils, particularly if it gets damp. The minerals in the attached dirt will register a false signal. Take the cover off then give it and the coils a good clean. Often this is enough to fix the problem.

Where is the best place for prospecting?

Some of the best places to be a treasure hunter are areas which are used by people or were inhabited in the past. Places that have gone like Fort Sites, Ghost Towns, Sites of early industry and Battle Sites can have buried forgotten treasure. Research old maps and newspapers of your area to see if any interesting places are close to you also approach any historical societies that may be in the area. The internet is also a great place to research history of a specific area. Places still used are full of undiscovered items from the past to recently lost items. Some examples are beaches, parks, camping parks, rest areas, tourist view points anywhere people can be found.

Which Metal Detector to buy this year?

Before purchasing think about where and the environment in which you would be using your detector especially if it’s in water. Another thing to consider is the length of time you intend to operate the detector as battery life can vary between the different models available
There are a good variety of products available by various manufacturers the most popular and best metal detector makers are in no particular order Minelab Metal DetectorsGarrett Metal Detectors, XP, Fisher, Bounty Hunter Detector, Whites Metal Detectors.

We made the top 10 rating of best metal detectors that you can find on the markets in the United Kingdom.

Top 10 Metal Detectors To Buy This Year

Product Name Price
Garrett AT MAX Diggers Special w/ Wireless Headphones, Daypack, Digger, Pouch
Garrett AT MAX Diggers Special w/ Wireless Headphones, Daypack, Digger, Pouch
Minelab X-Terra 705 Metal Detector
Minelab X-Terra 705 Metal Detector
XP Deus Metal Detector Starter Bundle (WS4 Backphone Heaphones + 9in Coil)
XP Deus Metal Detector Starter Bundle (WS4 Backphone Heaphones + 9in Coil)
XP DEUS Wireless Metal Detector
XP DEUS Wireless Metal Detector
Makro Racer2 Standard Package Metaldetector
Makro Racer2 Standard Package Metaldetector
Fisher F44 Metal Detector
Fisher F44 Metal Detector
Whites TreasurePro Metal Detector with 10" DD Waterproof Coil and Dual Volume Control Headphones
Whites TreasurePro Metal Detector with 10" DD Waterproof Coil and Dual Volume Control Headphones

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Bounty Hunter Lone Star Pro


Garrett Metal Detectors (USA) is the most famous and widely used metal detectors made in the US. Garrett Metal Detector company was established by Charles and Eleanor Garrett in the mid 1960’s. Since then they provided detectorists world-wide with top of the line and reliable metal detectors. Garrett Metal Detector hobby line consist of: Garrett ACE …


MINELAB (AUSTRALIA) – released their first metal detector Minelab 15000 Goldseeker GS in April 1986. In the next two years, Australia sold more than 8 thousand metal detectors of this model. The main advantage of Goldseeker was Its ability to compensate for the peculiarities of heavy soils with increased mineralization and an abundance of hot …


XP Metal Detectors (France) – high-performance metal detectors which have quickly become popular among enthusiasts. XP metal detectors have been developed in response to users real expectations. XP products are characterized by power, selectivity and ergonomics, which determines the perfect balance between the characteristics!


Fisher Metal Detectors (USA) have been around for a long time. The first Fisher metal detectors were manufactured in the 1930’s. The detectors captivated the entire US and the rest of the world and they continue to do just that today. Fisher manufactures metal detectors for many different purposes. You have it all: cache finders, …


WHITES Electronics (USA) is engaged in the development and production of metal detectors in Sweet home, Oregon, under the leadership of the son of the founder of the company Kenneth R. White. WHITES Electronics makes some of the best metal detectors for recreation, security, and industry. The use of the latest technologies and developments in …


MAKRO METAL DETECTORS is a Turkish manufacturer which was founded in 1986 and already has serious experience in the production of metal detectors and accessories for metal detecting. Over the past few years Makro metal detectors have become very popular and now this manufacturer is considered one of the best in the world. Their metal …

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