Garrett Released The Brand New Axiom Metal Detector

Garrett Released The Brand New Axiom Metal Detector

Garrett has released a new metal detector created specifically for gold prospecting! The new machine is called Garrett Axiom, and this is the most powerful metal detector for finding all sizes of gold nuggets and dust ever created by Garrett.

Garrett Axiom Metal Detector

Garrett Axiom Control Box

In fact, this is a competition to Garrett ATX which manages well with gold, and it is definitely a competition to Minelab in the sub-niche of gold prospecting.

Three important nuances that should immediately be highlighted about Garrett Axiom are:

  • Ultra-Pulse Technology which hints this is a PI metal detector
  • a completely new approach to design (this time it is ergonomic!) and a carbon shaft
  • claimed absolute performance on gold of all sizes

Garrett Axiom Features: Quick Look

Garrett Axiom

While we will definitely learn more about the new Garrett Axiom features in detail a bit later (in fact, I will also have to update my review later when more information is available, including setting tips and potential problems!), we can underline some of the cool features already:

  • two kits that suggest different headphones for each
  • six compatible search coils
  • four setting modes for pulse induction frequencies depending on your location and goals
  • the device being lightweight – from 4.2 lbs to 4.7 lbs depending on the coil size
  • two-channel ground balance for the heaviest mineralization on the planet
  • 16 hours of battery life PLUS an extra booster pack with batteries

Garrett Axiom Accessories

Axiom banner

Find Gold Where Others Can’t and Metal Detect Where Others Won’t

All these features and the tech specs that I discuss in more detail in the new review make me think that Garrett decided to make some serious competition to some of the most hard-to-compete-with machines because gold prospecting is at the same time desired and complicated sub-niche.

If the new Garrett machine does what it claims – finding gold where others can’t – it means you will be able to metal detect productively in places where others won’t (due to highly mineralized rocky terrains for example).

We’ll see how it goes, but Garrett already has a ton of instructional videos on Axiom. Just in case you are curious.

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