A New EVO6000 Metal Detector by C.Scope

A New EVO6000 Metal Detector by C.Scope

C.Scope is a UK located and basically UK focused metal detector manufacturer that has been on the market for ages. However, they are best known locally and haven’t yet worked with US market (so no wonder you may not have been aware much of this company at all). The main point about markets is that it is not clear whether their novelty will become available to US detectorists; I have actually written a letter to the manufacturer asking that. So, we’ll see.

Please correct me if I’m wrong, but for the first time, EVO6000 model was represented at Detectival on September, 2019. Probably the feedback was positive, and the manufacturer decided to release it as soon as possible.

Personally my impression about the upcoming machine is that I would love to try it out. The detector looks really cool. Plus – and this is my opinion as well – companies that are not all-around-the-world-international, as a rule, tend to cater for their customers, and make decent stuff.

What We Already Know as for Today

C.Scope EVO6000 Metal Detector

What is actually already known about the new machine? What makes us think that it is worth of being expected? Well, these are things the manufacturer has just revealed:

  • VDI Target ID
  • Pinpoint mode
  • Adjustable iron and discrimination volumes
  • 20 discrimination levels
  • 20 sensitivity levels
  • really lightweight
  • 3.75 inches screen
  • 20 hours battery life
  • lighter battery ‘less power consumption due to more efficient software
  • coils are lighter as well, and easier to swing for long hours
  • high grip handle with improved balance
  • two year parts and labour warranty plus three extra years parts warranty

Hopefully, we’ll get more info in the nearest future. Meanwhile, stay in touch, let’s see what C.Scope has to offer!

EVO6000 Videos

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