Jan 10

Minelab Go-Find 11 – New Cheap Metal Detector 2019

Minelab Go Find 11 New Cheap Metal Detector 2019

The first new metal detector 2019! Minelab announced the official release of its new low-cost metal detector at CES 2019! This is the new update of Go-Find Series detectors Minelab Go-Find 11 (metal detector for kids?). Go-Find 11 weight is only 2.2 pounds. That’s great. Really. But interesting what technical specifications will this metal detector have? …

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Sep 14

The History of the Metal Detectors

The History of the Metal Detectors

The metal detector was first discovered by Dr. Gerhard Fisher, a German immigrant, during the late 1920’s and early 30’s. Dr. Fisher had invented and patented a working aircraft radio direction finder, which even Albert Einstein found intriguing. An adverse property of the patented aircraft direction finder was that it sometimes went awry when a …

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Aug 01

New Smart Metal Detector Nokta Invenio!

New Smart Metal Detector Nokta Invenio

Turkish manufacturer Nokta presents new smart metal detector Nokta Invenio! For the first time, we mentioned it a few months ago: Nokta Amfibio and Nokta Invenio: New Metal Detectors 2018, now it’s reality. Nokta Invenio this is something really new in metal detecting. We can say that it will be the new era in metal detecting! Can you imagine …

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Jul 12

Minelab Pro-Find 15 & Pro-Find 35 Pinpointers Review

Minelab Pro-Find 15 and Pro-Find 35

Minelab has released two new pinpointers Pro-Find 15 and Pro-Find 35! According to the technical characteristics, they may well compete with Garrett Pro Pointer AT and XP Mi6, but they have some interesting features. Minelab Pro-Find 15 This is the lite versions compare to Pro-Find 35. This pinpointer is protected from rain but it is not waterproof. However, …

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Jul 10

NEW XP Deus V5 Software Update + 3 NEW Coils X35

XP Deus V5 and XP Coils X35

XP Metal Detectors had released a new FREE software for one of the best metal detectors XP Deus and 3 new coils  XP 22.5 x35, XP 28 x35, XP 34 x35 with the extended spectrum of operating frequency! The update is available for all metal detector owners. Many people make mistakes when they think that the LCD Remote Control Display is …

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